Get Back the Beautiful Hair on Your Head

Why you must use Provillus

Many people already asked that does provillus really work on them. I can say that the results highly will vary with every people. But, I guarantee you, the provillus is worth a try to get rid of your hair loss problem. Not familiar with provillus? Let me tell you the details about provillus, then you can understand why provillus will solve your hair loss problem. First of all, provillus is a true natural hair regrowth formula that available both for men and women that suffering from natural and genetic hair loss. Maybe I should tell you that provillus already gain a high popularity among male and women users. Provillus is one kind of topical lotion formula, so you can use it as a direct treatment. It has a capsulated nutritional substance, so you can be sure that provillus will help the natural and faster hair regrowth on your genetic baldness problem. That’s why, in the other hand, provillus doesn’t gives you a promise to help you from the suffer of hair loss causes. If you don’t believe my words and still want to get the real answer of does provillus really work, you can look it up online. There are so many people already said that provillus is the fastest and the most satisfying results out of the entire natural hair regrowth market. Provillus will work with the natural changes in your body and eliminate the cause of your hair loss in a vast majority of the population.

The Ingredients on Provillus

Let me tell you an easy example, in men hair loss case, DHT will circulates through their blood that leading to a thinning of the hair. It so easy to understand that it will be the main cause of hair growth to stop all together because DHT will binds to hair follicle receptors. Meanwhile for women hair loss case, generally the whole process is just the same. But, women’s body wills naturally released hormone in that case is FPB. So to completely solves the problem in women hair loss case, provillus will uses a natural compound within a capsule as the part of their treatment, it will contains vitamin B6 (as the most vital vitamin for healthy hair growth) and another nutrients that would be very crucial for natural hair growth process, like Zinc, Biotin and saw palmetto. The provillus’s pills also contain the extract of herbs, like the gotu kola a deleuthero root. If the whole ingredients work properly, it will block the circulation of FPB on women. You also need to know that the whole ingredients on provillus is already approved by the FDA and it already proven to be the best medicine to prevent the hair loss and stimulate the new hair growth. Provillus used a Minoxidil compound with the 5% or 2% proportion formula for men and women respectively. One thing for sure, until now, there is no allergic reactions to this topical lotion, even if it seriously rare, the allergic will be caused by the non active ingredient like propylene glycol.